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Where do you want to take your business?

What are your top 3 biggest challenges?


The Rainmaker's Dilemma

When you engage STLPSI as your business consultant, our goal is to increase the value of your business and to discover what is holding you back or lowering your valuation.  We make available to you an array of services you are about to need to grow. Listed below, are Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Services, and a detailed description of each.


You may choose any 4 services to focus on at anytime.  We recommend the, ""Value Builder Engagement as your start point, offering a foundational valuation tracking and building software that allows us to coach you.  Monthly, we will tackle a different area of your business that can will increase company value to an acquirer.  What we have found, over the data of 65000 businesses surveyed, is that to grow into the business you envision, you will need multiple solutions at each growth stage.  We will introduce you to, and project manage the synergistic catylization of each, into the others.



The grouping of Elite Resources we have gathered and that are at your disposal offer tremendous value to you for your basic business financial planning and owner estate planning and tax mitigation needs. The sophisticated synergy created by gathering those people together into one meeting at the same time for you in person or over zoom is something rarely found anywhere else out there. Because of this value we charge a premium when multiple resources are pulled for you working in synergistic affect to solve your specific challenge.

Business Owners

Are you ready to:

  • Grow a thriving business?

  • Free up your time?

  • Focus on your Legacy now?

  • Make your business run automatically?

  • Sell, and establish Trustfund "Mailbox money" checks"?

  • Fix the 8 Key Drivers of Value to an acquirer?

  • Increase your Sales?

  • Reduce your Expenses?

  • Increase your Profitability?

  • Lease new Equipment now, & defer paying?

  • Scale the Business to a whole other level?

  • Pay Less Taxes, every single year?

  • Recapture 3yrs of taxes you have already paid out?

  • Sell the business without paying taxes?

  • Know what your business is actually worth?

  • Avoid being the 80% who list and get no offer?

  • Sell for 71% higher than others?

  • Determine which acquirers value you?

  • Increase your Valuation Multiple?

  • "Sure-up" your weak areas buyers see as Red Flags?

  • Fix your customer satsifaction issues?

  • Setup a Buy-Sell Agreement?

  • Keep those Key Employees longer?

  • Is that you?

  • How fast do you want it?




Your business has gross revenues of $2M to $300M. 



Any of these trigger you?

STAFFING: We can't find enough employees to come to work for us!

REVENUES: I  must increase Gross Revenues immediately.


NET PROFIT: If we don't get Net Profit up, we won't be here in 6 months.


TAXES: We are making so much money the taxes are killing us!


GUT CHECK: I have realized that something needs to change, but what?


TIME: I have run out of time in my day. I cannot do it all. I'm burning out.


HIRING: I need to replace managers that don't match the corporate culture.


ATTRITION: We keep losing employees.  Why are they leaving?  


EXIT PLAN: We need to sell the business, and begin planning our 5yr Exit. 


EARN OUT: Maybe you're ready for Exit Planning but don't want imprisoned for an earn-out, and need a Business Valuation that is realistic.

A LA CARTE: Our value-based business advisory services come in 3 levels.

Engage us and choose up to any 4 deliverables to start with, or pick our popular packages below, starting with BUSINESS ARMOR for a newly formed arrangement, SCALE for SALE if you are ready to build, or EXIT PLANNING if you are ready to journey together straight towards the mountain ranges of selling, forming your pension payout, and retiring or stepping into legacy work.













  • EXIT PLANNING: Formulating a 3 year plan to sell and move into your Legacy years

  • Value Builder 1-ON-1 COACHING: Private: 12 month program to focus on the 8 Key Drivers of value.  We will work to gether to immediately begin to shore up your business to be ready for your ‘Scale & Sale’ ™ Exit for up to 71% more than the industry average if you can get your Value Builder Score up from the average 53 to an 80.

  • Value Builder GROUP COACHING: 12 month program to focus on the 12 Areas to shore up your business to be ready for your ‘Scale & Sale’ ™ Exit for up to 71% more than the industry average if you can get your Value Builder Score up from the average 53 to an 80.  Business owners find the synergy of solving problems with other business owners to be helpful and insightful.  There is something that the group dynamic brings to bear.

  • VB MINI-MASTERMIND: 4 month program to focus on the 4 Areas to shore up your business to morph to the post-Covid environment. (Avail 2023)

  • How to get Written Offers: 80% of Business owners that put their business up for sale do NOT get a written offer. Wh en this happens to you, and all your assets are tied up in your company, you know you need to address something, but what, why, when and how are going to be your now questions.

  • How to get PREMIUM Written Offers for 2x more than current offers 

  • VB Business Valuation SOFTWARE: Platform access annual revenue tracker.

  • “Pension Shopper” ™: Successful Sale. Lump sum received. Now you want to shop the pension income industry top companies to see who, of the A+ Rated, Mulilt-Billion dollar asset Insurance companies, is going to insure your retirement income for life. Of  those, who is willing to put a joint income rider on it to take care of your spouse or partner, as long as they may live? Who is willing to add to that a Long Term Care rider that doubles your monthly check should either of you need specialized care at a nursing facility from a health challenge or end of life care needs?  Who is going to be willing to leave a death benefit that cirumuvents probate.  Let us help you navigate these waters with our “Pension Shopper” ™ program.  We will add in a complimentary beneficiary checkup service to all your listed assets and a trust review for good measure, if you haven't had one this year.

  • Access to our 'Build A Franchise"  Team is available if you would like to take your inventions to patent status, create an Operations Manual, establish a product line, then package, establish, print operational manuals and deploy domestically first, and then globally.

  • Coaching on Entity Structuring and what states in the United States or foreign locations may have strategic advantages for domiciling the company.

  • Market your portfolio of offerings to strategic investors

  • Seek funding sources for growth when ready to do a CAPITAL RAISE.



For more information on Level 3 offerings,

Please call us directly at 866-878-5774, ext 1 




  • Branding: Website, SEO, Google Score

  • Lead Generation: FB ads, Google Ads, YT ads, Insta & more.

  • 5 Star Online Presence Upgrade: An Online Makeover

  • Coaching Business Owners and Staff :

  • Organizational Assessment of employee skills and positioning

  • Business Systems: Identify Weaknesses and Onboard Solutions

  • Outsourcing the Sales Dept: Advertising, Appointment Setting, Sales

  • Meet your new Video Department:

  • Business Development

  • Seeking Strategic Partnerships

  • “Scale & Sale” ™ : When Can I Retire?



  • Branding: Website, SEO, Google Score: The value of your brand, how you are perceived and valued comes from many areas.  Controlling what you can control, with a web presence, utilizing ‘responsive design’, strategically formulated ‘niche market messaging’, and implementing white-hat back-links to sites that build your Google Score will affect whether you make it to page 1 of a Google search, or just don’t get found.

  • 5 Star Online Presence Upgrade: An Online Makeover: Planning your approach to managing your budget to address each area of the Online Makeover is a strategic event that you roll out simultaneously and collectively, when possible. If you have budgetary limitations, time-lining which areas will benefit you the most and the fastest, are important to the overall strategy.

  • Business Systems: Identify Weaknesses and Onboard Solutions: Once you personally hit the ceiling of your time, realize you cannot do it all, and then pivot for a solution, you will realize it is time to begin, "working  your business", instead of working, "inside of your business".  Being able to delegate and not the be the rainmaker on every deal, will actually increase the valuation of your company when a 3rd party looks on to see if it could survive without you as the key driver.  Outsourcing everything you can as an, ‘Architect’ of the business, will allow you to scale to levels you could actually sell at.  Capturing a lump sum gives you options to convert cash to an instant Pension.   That pension fund, managed correctly, with 'Too-big-to-fail' companies backing it, can give you peace of mind for retirement and could spin off a lifetime income of mailbox money with our, “Pension Shopper” program.  (See Level 3)

  • Outsourcing the Sales Dept: Advertising, Appointment Setting, Sales: As the captain of the ship, you can no longer be making sales calls, micro managing every employee or each manager.  You must being to step away from begin the Rainmaker, and allow yourself to be upgraded to a Management Role, which will have different daily tasks than you have been comfortable with in the past.  You may find yourself doing non-productive activities that feel 'wrote' or 'comfortable', but are not the best use of your accumulated gifts and talents and insights.  If you need to hire a CEO, CFO or CFA, that can be arranged, but we think you can handle most of it if you just start with one area at a time.  The largest time suck is often the Sales Department. Imagine outsourcing all of it.  The marketing. The call center.  The actual salespersons in the dept.  You just work ON the business.  Outsource and subcontract those to a business that can do these important, but ‘menial’ tasks.  You and your top managers need to focus.  On KPI’s, or Key Performance Indicators, that allow you to monitor the pace the strategically planned ‘scaling’ of the company towards the, 'Exit Plan'.  Have you begun with the end in mind?  It's not too late to refocus.

  • Meet your new Video Department: Bobby always did love taking the company pictures at picnics.  He got everyone in the frame.  It was usually enough.  But now, as you scale this Brand, you are what the world sees on TV, Social Media and Billboards.  Your commericals, ad copy, graphic design, and photography will be next to others with professional grade videography and sound mixing.  If you’re going to be a Billion dollar brand, you will have to look like it.  Finding a video branch that you can tap should be easy, but we found it wasn’t so.  We’ve vetted a few, and can turn you on to them.

  • Business Development: Now that you’re delegating more of the non-essential tasks to your team leaders, you are free to be at the key meetings, locations and opportunities you need to be present at to take this company to the next level in the scaling plan.  Finding companies with gaps that your business’ core competency naturally fills will become a welcome solution for new contracts.  Let’s identify with data, and market with your new outsourced Sales Department.  You can go close the giant deals, and let Sales department handle the day to day average items.

  • Seeking Strategic Partnerships: Netflix tapped into the database of digital movies and streamed them as a first market mover, while Blockbuster just stuck with ‘Business as usual’. We all know how that ended.  Traditional banks are still locking up peoples US currency from Friday deposits, for 4 entire days, until Tuesday morning, while Cryptocurrency payments are quite literally instantaneous and poised to disrupt an entire market segment, banking, who are 11 years late to the dance and just starting to take notice of crypto.  What is an area you can be first to market on?  Who could totally disrupt your entire way of life?  Young generations are looking for any and every industry to disrupt completely as their 'Coming of Age' event.  They are chasing Elon Musk. Are  you in the way?  What problems are YOU seeing that only your perspective allows you to see before others?  What strategic partnerships or acquisitions of other companies can catapult you into that unique position to take market share like Robinhood in the king’s treasury with a dump truck?  Yes, that’s the one.  Now how much will you need to acquire them?  What if they won’t partner or sell?  Get the vision.  Find the possibilities.  Take the market.

  • Scale & Sale” ™ : When Can I Retire?:  You’re taking the actions to scale this business.  Most businesses under $20M, function like a family, so you are most likely concerned about, "Just selling to anyone".  Listing all of your unspoken concerns for your employee base must be addressed, to give you the mental freedom, to even consider an exit.  Mental unpreparedness will keep you running in circles inside your safe business becuase you haven't prepared what you are going to do next when this is not your daily reality.  Despite the years you spent, building this company, you know, that your priorities are changing as you mature.  Your drive is ‘refocusing’ and different things are beginning to seem more important than they did when you started the business.  The business landscape is changing.  Large conglomerates are using advantages you may not want to, "Go to battle" on, and you see the writing on the wall.  Let’s plan your exit.  Grab the cookie timer, we have a short window.  Let’s scale the sales over 3 years, and get your VB score from a 55 to a 75 so the written offers you are getting, will become, ‘Premium Offers’, and, for 200% more than others left sulking with a 55 score out of 100.  Helping you position yourself for maximum growth in this window of opportunity is what we want to do with you.  We have a 12 month Mastermind that will be perfect for you to address the 12 key areas that will accomplish the most sought after upgrades and that have been proven to give measurable results with regards to company valuation.  (see VB Mastermind in Level 3).  

For more information on Level 3 offerings,

Please call us directly at 866-878-5774, ext 1 




  • Electricity Cost Reduction:

  • Cost Reduction Program

  • Tax Mitigation Planning

  • Employee Loyalty  


Cost Reduction Program: 

  • Merchant Services All Junk Fees Gone Cost Savings 

  • Perpetually Budget Funding your favorite charity with a monthly residual spun off your total processing, not out of your pocket.

  • Turning 65 Review: Get aging Employee’s off your plan, and onto Medicare

  • Health Insurance Plan review

  • Benefits Plan review

Electricity Costs: Usually your energy bill is not coming from green energy and we can replace it with solar in the United States or magnetic energy anywhere else.  We may have access to Government Funding to pay you 26-51% of your project to Go Green if you qualify.  (Also depends on the state.)

  • GOING GREEN: Coal-based Electric to Solar Conversion; (up to 2MW)

  • Magnetic Power-Box Installation (over 2MW and up to 100 GW facilities; $0.01/kwH)

  • Power Consumption Consultation: Lighting

  • Micro-Grid Setup and PPA Distribution Rights

  • Be The Power Company (for Builders, Cities and State Grid upgrades)



Tax Mitigation Planning: We look at all the taxes that you’re spending and find ways to reduce that taxation with tax mitigation planning. 


  • Tax Credit Purchase planning & Recovery Services

  • Deferred Compensation Planning

  • Entity Structuring Consulting with Consolidated Statement Filings

  • High Annual Tax Solutions

  • Company Type Consultations

  • Domiciled Company State Location Consult

  • Offshore Solutions

  • Non-Profit Setup



Employee Loyalty:  Usually we can take monies sent to taxes that are typically gone forever and turn them into employee loyalty programs.  This works for a business whose single owner has up to 100 employees. We do this with tax deductible, employee-loyalty-building, expense redirection, such as a Safe-harbor 401(k) and or health insurance benefits.  These are the number one and number two items that keep Key employees around, or sadly, are the bait which often pull your best managerial employees to other recruiters with the better package & the same pay.

  • HCE: Highly Compensated Employee Plans

  • Safe Harbor 401k Setup

  • Profit Sharing Plan

  • Health Insurance (with Life, Disability, AD&D) Dental & Vision plans optional

  • Key Man Insurance Policy (Golden Handcuffs)

  • Employee Financial Educational Workshops

For more information on Level 1 offerings,

please call us directly at 866-878-5774, ext 1 

Business Optimization
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