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My Custom Financial Plan
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STLPSI introduces:
“My Custom Financial Plan” , for BUSINESSES or GROUPS or UNIONS, on the eMoney platform.  This resource for Staff & Employees, is available as a monthly benefit, offered graciously by the company, to them.  


“Lets Make A Plan!”

Dear CEO, HR lead or Manager,
Go ahead and pat yourself on the back, for helping your staff & employees get heading toward, 'peace in the money department!'


They can’t hit a goal they cannot see!  

Let’s paint the picture clearly, because, “If they cannot see it, they cannot seize it!”



Your employees will see the path to:


  • Pay off debt

  • Beat inflation

  • Save more money

  • Plan for big purchases

  • Reach savings & retirement goals

  • Have enough cushion to handle

  • emergencies

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  1. LOGON CREDENTIALS:  eMoney Financial Plan Online: Level1: Goal Planning 

  2. WORKSHOP:  “Let’s Plan Ahead! Workshop” monthly zoom to cover FAQ and take LIVE QUESTIONS and ANSWERS.

  3. CLIENT MEETING(S):  Annual Meeting: 1, 2 or 4: (choose your package) STAFF or EMPLOYEE gets, ‘1, 2 or 4 meeting(s) annually’, via Zoom with a Financial Coach to customize their own plan.  

  4. TECH SUPPORT:  Tech Support via eMoney staff for tech questions.

  5. EMAIL SUPPORT:  Email access for questions and FB page for group support.

*ALL PACKAGES Include: Private Login Credentials, System Basic Setup Guidance, Goal Setting, Monthly Zoom Workshop, Facebook Group Access, Monte Carlo Simulations, Likelihood of Hitting Goals, Assessments, Reports, Online plan, (1,2 OR 4) private 50 min zoom meeting/yr

-Discovery Assessment Meeting

-Setup eMoney Financial Plan platform portal access

-Login Credentials

-Enter financial data

-Instructions to Sync Accounts

-Net Worth Assessment

-Risk Tolerance Assessment

-Time Horizon Assessment

-Go over readouts relevant to your situation

-Net Worth Assessment

-Cashflow Assessment per Income Statement

-Diagnose your exposures and suggest appropriate solutions

-Reveal the amount you must invest weekly, monthly, or annually to hit your stated retirement goals for the dates you have set.



Offered Every WEDNESDAY @ 10am; 1hour

On-boarding your staff is done easily from their desk or boardroom with our monthly

 “Let’s Plan Ahead!” workshop, and your membership gives access them to rewatch the workshops and online teaching video series. 


This will give your team what is, sometimes, the first real financial planning interaction they have ever had.  Once they learn how to plan on one item in their future, they can apply the learning to all the basic areas of their life!  Planning for College for their kids.  Retirement.  Saving for Vacation Home.  Home Improvements like anew kitchen, bathroom or a pool or hot tub in the near future.


Your membership  will make available the robust “Basic Goal Planning” via a secure login access with 2FA, keeping all your employee and staff personal information silo'd and private and only accessible with the 2FA code, sent in real time, to the phone listed on the account, which expires per time segment.


STL Professional Services upgrades your entire staff to the industry standard financial planning software that billion dollar brokerages choose, “eMoney”!

Let's get your started with a package below:

Schedule your Meeting now!

Choose an in-home meeting or a Zoom subscription to get started planning!






Annual Meeting




Bi-Annual Meetings



Quarterly Meetings





My Custom Financial Plan
(for an individual)

Get a Free
7 Day Pass

You know you need some guidance.  You are ready to get serious about your life goals for this year, this decade and of course, everyone wants to know when they can stop working and retire.  Or if you're a, 'Never-retire' personality, you usually tell us your goal is to, 'move into legacy'.  If you're Kingdom minded, and seeking to function and in your purpose and your destiny at some point, you may take courses to discover your gift sets and finally start that 501c3 you've always dreamed of.  We can help.  We've already helped others set theirs up, but without a solid financial plan backing you, they have found it difficult and slow to fund those dreams.  Setting up an endowment is usually the way to hit the ground running.

We are here to help you get where you want to get, at whatever stage you are at. 

No doubt about it.

Sometimes just talking it through, with someone who has seen hundreds of other families get their house in order, is all you need, and the stories are the meeting. 

Let's face it, we haven't lived, 'later life stages' before and the best we can do is plan for what-if's and pray for them not to happen to us. 

But if they do, we want to already have an existing plan in place to fund the financial shortfalls as our loved ones or even you, are recovering through that time.  A sound financial plan will establish insurances in order to avoid any financial devastation that can many times bankrupt an often well-off middle class family and leave them living the last half of their life in poverty.  We've heard it too many times.  Let us help you ensure that will not be you, with as much planning as you can afford to put into action and activate the necessary insurances of your retirement, your income, your health and your impending tax bill as one of the wealthy ones facing estate taxation.


Let's build your house on a rock, so if there is a storm, you and your affected loved ones, can indeed, weather that storm in the good, better or best of outcomes.  You always will have choices, but something is always better than nothing.  Let's do the proper planning for life's challenges.  We have insurance on our cars, and our houses, but many tell me they never knew they could get, 'Retirement Insurance', that will guarantee they get a check starting at retirement that comes as long as they live, even if they drain the account to zero.  Yes that is real. And it is  an option many wise stewards implement in their plan for their loved ones and themselves!

Well then, what are your next steps?

1. Choose to commit to your best life. 

2.  Schedule and get your documents together for the first meeting.

The first year will be a lot of planning.

The later years will be accountability.

Then we'll be checking off your financial bucket list of goals accomplished.

The next years will be checking values to stay on track for targets like, "The New House. College for the kids. Retirement Funding."

Then we will start your retirement income days, and you will want to spend from the right account, to reduce taxation on the withdrawals.  

Don't get ahead of yourself.  

We can help.

At first you may need 4 meetings a year, to really hold yourself accountable to quarterly goals and you will eventually get a cadence at which you prefer to meet about your money, your assets, your goals and your growing Estate.  

As we grow your Net Worth, you will find that you have new objectives to manage and focus on, and we will simply meet you where you are at,  and grow with you, through the states of wealth, and into the mindset of Legacy, and leaving Generational Wealth, wisely.

Schedule your Custom Financial Planning Meeting now!

Choose an in-home meeting or a Zoom subscription to get started planning!

Click to Schedule BRONZE:     1 MEETING PER YEAR.        


Click to Schedule SILVER:        2 MEETINGS PER YEAR.      


Click to Schedule GOLD:          4 MEETINGS PER YEAR.      


Will we have enough to retire?

You need a Retirement Planner now


As 55-year-olds, you are nearing big decisions for retirement preplanning.  Starting 10 years early is a crucial step to making sure you start building your retirement on the right foundation and avoid the major for problems that typically bankrupt anyone with a net worth between 250,000 and $2 million of investable assets.


Please schedule an appointment with us by clicking the button above to get on our calendar.



We still do house calls, since we've found that's where all the documents live in the back office.  We will do a two hour sit with you at your kitchen table and go through each and every investment during 9 to 5 hours on speakerphone with the company and let you listen to the 15 questions we ask on each and every asset.



After performing our financial check up, we will let you know which areas you’re exposed in and use our team of elder law attorneys, asset arotection attorneys,  and tax professionals in unison with your Retirement Planner that came out to visit with you.  We will refer you to the right person to address each unseen issue  and assist you if there is any need to reposition some of your assets in a wise and strategic fashion with an Asset Protection Trust.



Are you asking the right questions?

You only get one chance at signing your pension papers at work, and there's no going back once you do. 



Meet with us to do a full Trust Review of Assets and a Financial Assessment of your current Income Statement and Balance Sheet.  There are a few crucial situations you want to be prepared for, and retiring is just the very first one.



Our representative will perform a full review of all Trust assets and Non-Trust assets.  A live call will be placed to each carrier of an asset to explore current fees, surrender charges, riders, bonus claw-backs, caps on investment return, as well as participation rate on each annual return rate.  


The comment we most often get is:

"No one has ever done such an extensive review like you provide."


Checklist to have ready:

Please have the most recent statement (all pages) for each of your investments, stapled, in page order, and the original first statement behind it (if at all possible).


Preparation Checklist:

-Checkbook Statement from last month

-Mutual Fund Statements (all pages)

-IRA - His: most recent statement (all pages)

-IRA - Hers:  most recent statement (all pages)

-401k/403b - His:  most recent statement (all pages)

-401k/403b - Hers:  most recent statement (all pages)

-Annuities:  most recent statement (all pages).  Fixed annuities have 1 annual statement an the anniversary. Variable have a quarterly that comes every 3 months (January/April/July/October).

-Life Insurance Policies (please do your best to find ALL policies.

-His Life Policy WORK

-His Life Policy WHOLE LIFE

-His Life Policy TERM

-Her Life Policy WORK

-Her Life Policy WHOLE LIFE

-Her Life Policy TERM

-His ILIT Trust Owned policy

-Her ILIT Trust Owned policy

-His BUY/SELL agreement policy

-Her BUY/SELL agreement policy

-Company Owned Policies on each KEY MAN

-Golden Handcuff C-Suite policies and vesting schedules

Schedule your Custom Financial Planning Meeting now!

Choose an in-home meeting or a Zoom subscription to get started planning!

Click to Schedule BRONZE:     1 MEETING PER YEAR.        


Click to Schedule SILVER:        2 MEETINGS PER YEAR.      


Click to Schedule GOLD:          4 MEETINGS PER YEAR.      


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