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REAL ESTATE Loan Product Summary


If you're in need of capital we have creative solutions available for you needs.  Please give us a call at 866-878-5774, ext 1 to talk about what your needs are, or if you are ready to schedule an, "Application Meeting", please choose at least a 30 minute appointment from our calendar here

Know exactly what you want?

Ready to enter your loan data?  


Below is the link for each of the loans.  

Go ahead and get started, or call us to type in the data for you!

Hard Money Bridge Loan FIX-N-FLIP Application Form 


Rental Property Application Form 







Commercial Real Estate Application Form

Ground Up Construction Program Application Form


Also submit answers to these questions:

Please answer the following and we will let you know if the transaction is feasible:

  1. Property Address?

  2. Property type?

  3. If purchase, what is the purchase price and down payment available?

  4. If refinance, what is the estimated value? And what is the amount owed?

  5. Closing under entity (LLC or Inc) or personal name?

  6. Amount of liquid assets available?

  7. How many investment properties have been owned by borrowers in the last 36 months?

  8. What is the estimated credit score?

  9. Is the property generating income?

  10. Rate and term expectations?

Survey: Download here:

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