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We exist to be a catalyst, connecting clients and pioneers, to effective and measurable results, as we act as servant leaders, with the heart to manifest your dreams into reality and your elusive goals into realized projects completed.

You do have a unique and specific personal purpose and destiny that only you can fulfill.  We are here to help you realize, recalculate and deploy your undeniable and developing gift clusters towards that end goal.

Stuart T Long
Founder and Principal
dr robert needham face pic.jpeg
Dr. Robert Needham
JD, PHD, Business Advisor

Stuart Long has navigated the past 20 years as a financial advisor and entrepreneur and life coach.  His foundations in advising on finances, trusts, endowments, business entity structuring, debt refinancing, debt consolidation, pension setup, income-gap planning and estate planning solutions led him, naturally, into consulting.


From solving Estate Planning issues to detailed Retirement Planning, from sourcing teams for Capital Raises to Entity Structuring to Franchise Purchase Consulting, his ability to solve or source the key players to accomplish your goals, efficiently and within your time horizon are his part of his value.


Beginning with the end in mind is key for Business Growth, Business Acquisition, Estate Planning Solutions and Business Exit Planning strategies.

Business Mergers and Acquisitions can catapult an existing business or even an individual from one level of earning into the next.  Sourcing successful business ideas with a C-Suite of successful team members make the dream work.  Saving time by purchasing a proven business and/or Franchise versus, 'reinventing the wheel' of your own startup business, can be a more sure way to, 'Own your life' versus 'renting it', and at a much faster path to not only a break even point, but profitability. 


Franchises and bolt on companies offer an established brand, an existing proven system, and one that you can become trained in.  Add to that a corporate mentor or business advisor, and you have key consultation at your fingertips for questions one often does not foresee when scaling a business past their existing abilities.  Buying a founder's successful business and requiring them to stay on for transition of ownership ensures continuity and stability over time.  Hiring team members to consult on areas you need to navigate is wisdom.

With nearly 4,000 franchises from about 90 industries there is so much information that it is hard to choose.


For over 30 years Dr. Needham has helped thousands of franchise buyers just like you Solve The Puzzle Of Buying A Franchise.


If you hired him as a Franchise Advisor, it can cost you $5,000 or more, but he has found a way to save you thousands!


Dr. Needham has created an online course where for less than Dr. Needham charges per hour ($500) you can join with other buyers and clear that clutter so you can make an informed decision.

alex radin face pic.jpeg
Alex Radin
Further Design Group, Webmaster
kathy roberton face pic.jpg
Kathy Roberton, Canovis Health, Founder

Life is art. We believe in making amazing things for incredible companies, individuals, and organizations that have real people they want to reach. Beauty and functionality at this very moment are having a cup of coffee together in our design studio. Our clients stand out instead of following the pack. Effective communication in a simple, confident, effortless way drives our design aesthetic. You are destined to do extraordinary things. Let's do them together!

Kathy Roberton has a career of over 20 years in global supply chain management.  Her specific focus on Healthcare Personal Protection Equipment makes her a perfect team member for buyers from Government, Healthcare and Industries looking to efficiently source the right products, delivered at an agreeable cost, in a timely fashion from verified providers.

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