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Ohio Ebike Club

gather  -  ride  -  laugh

If you enjoy riding your Ebike alone, it is always better with more friends!  We've pioneered the Ebike lifestyle since 2017, and know you are going to love getting out there and exploring the great trails that Ohio has for you to ride!

We are a group of friends that ride together randomly and now want to share the share the love with other enthusiasts so we can ride together, laugh together and laugh together.

Isn't everything better with friends!?


Trying your first Ebike is always an adventure. In Ohio, there are a few places we have found to be really friendly like Orbit Bikes in Clintonville.


The owner will usually let your ride around the building or take each bike out for a test ride across the street int he neighborhood.  You can really get a feel for each one that way, and then decided which one you want to buy.  Here is a google list we found.

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