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Net Profit Booster

Are you a CEO that needs to hit your 5%
Board Mandated
Growth KPI This year?

What's your plan?

What if we could get you there faster, and at no net cost to your company?

As your business consultant, we can typically bring 5, 10, and sometimes 20 new ideas and services you don't have implemented to the table.  We will start with the one that makes you the MOST savings the FASTEST.





What If... we could offer you:

  • A wellness program, to your company and it's employees, 

  • Without any out-of-pocket cost,

  • No net cost, to THEM, or YOU,

  • And the By-Product of doing so,

  • Is a TAX SAVINGS, whose beginning is just 35-45 days away.

  • And, we can do that on every payroll for the foreseeable future?


How much will we actually save?


1. Saves the employer about $400-$700 in FICA TAXES per year, that are NOT owed anymore,

per w2'd employee, every year.

2. Each employee get’s an increase of $120/paycheck,

per payroll, at no cost to them or your company.

Works for:

  • Businesses

  • Churches

  • Governments

  • Non-Profits


By now, you want to know everything.

Your next question is almost always, 'How can you cut the FICA taxes?


We will reveal our deliverables, "Wisdom, Knowledge, Secrets and Strategies", and guide you, as your business consultant to implement each service that will fine tune your company to higher profits.



1. Engage STLPSI to help your business with our NET PROFIT BOOSTER program; the contract is here

2. Schedule with us to get your full presentation on your 1st Service in place to SAVE FICA TAXES every year going forward.


We will bring in each service provider one at a time, in person or on a ZOOM (post-covid methodology of meetings).

3. Use those savings to implement our many other STL Professional Services to stack your savings and ultimately affect your NET PROFIT, annually.

Let’s Work Together

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