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Capital Raise: Water Bottling Facility: $4M

A founder-owned and operated family run bottled water facility, realized it had some challenges.  Challenges surfaced in the areas scaling, supply chain management and GAAP business accounting on an institutional standard that would allow for Equity Financing. 


In addition, they had lost a major B2B buyer client due to a supply chain failing to deliver a consistent level of quality bottles that did not leak after being filled.  This added up to orders, which were due in 2 weeks, with the issue of not getting fulfilled for 2 months.  And the ones that were shipped were showing up with leaky bottling from lack of bottle provider consistency. Losing accounts was further jeopardizing the company's cashflow and production schedule and ability to keep clients satisfied. 


We are currently working with this bottling facility to bring in the right partners to assess, consolidate debt, initiate a new off-site and on-site CPA employee to dovetail institutional grade business grade accounting, while securing a significant capital raise of private equity funding.  We will also provide the business with a revolving line of credit large enough to provide the required terms demanded by target business partners. 


Reorganizing into a NEWCO will scrub a history of poor and non-professional grade accounting and create fresh books.  Being a NEWCO will allow access to likely approvals for SBA and USDA funding, ear-marked only for new companies that meet their criteria without past blemishes. 


On a manufacturing level, failure from the company's plastic bottle supplier to deliver an 'on-time' and 'consistent quality' bottles that wouldn't leak, left no other option than to purchase, install and finance it's own bottle blowing line. 


Now with a more vertically integrated system, a restructuring and a reorganization, along with the refinancing of the plethora of individualized loans from multiple lenders with multiple due dates, the company can begin to hum smoothly, take on additional growth captial and scale towards their 3 to 5 year exit plan of a bare minimum of $25MM.   


The company's plans to exit by being acquired as a portfolio company by one of many interested Private Funds, after a SPAC raise in year 2 or 3, should facilitate a higher valuation, for a preferred exit of $100MM or more after establishing higher revenues.

Office Meeting
PPE: Nitrile Glove Supply Chain Fulfillment

The COVID-19 challenge that began in 2019, manifesting through 2020 in the USA and throughout the world, changed the ease of procurement for all parties.  New legal requirements and statewide mandates, specifically to governments, states, cities, business, industries, school systems, hospital buying groups and the entire healthcare niche have made PPE a necessity to even legally open your doors. 


Navigating the Supply Chain that became inundated with broker chains and unforeseen challenges made getting needed product all the more of a issue to seasoned veterans in the existing Medical Supply industry.  

Partnering with a strategic buyer group that is private and vertically integrated, allows us to offer, 'White Glove and Concierge Supply Chain fulfillment', from PO to SGS without the transfer of even one penny.  With a minimum order that meets the threshold, the Vertically Integrated Fund will handle procurement of a monthly or weekly production order, handle all the logistic by plane and/or by shipping, and finance the entire process from factory to your port with CIF included.  All that is required is a PO, a LOI and a BCL on funds that never leave your account until the SGS report is yours and your 24 hour inspection period are met to the satisfaction of the contract specifications.

Please reach out to us if your are ordering the most basic of PPE, NITRILE Gloves in quantities of at least 10M per month or weekly.  

*Note: For orders of lesser size, we offer other sources outside this program, without the financing that are more likely to be FOB and require lawyer-to-lawyer escrow accounts.

Office Conversation
Hyperinflation Flight to Safety: Gold Buying program for the common man

Twenty years of financial advising has left most of our clients with investments all denominated in the world's premier currency, the U.S. Dollar.  Never has the country face a currency devaluation of such epic proportions.  Every time you hear the fancy term, 'Quantitative Easing', just know they are making the money you've spent your life saving worth less and less as they print the money supply into oblivion instead of coming up with a plan to get our country out of debt.  QE is used to debase the dollar's buying power and value by simply printing more money to, "Avoid paying the reaper his due."  It is unfathomable to document the fact that the Federal Reserve has printed almost 20 Trillion dollars in the years of 2018 to 2020.  That is almost doubling all the money that was created over the last 30 years in one single year.

Help us get the word out.  We are making it our goal in 2020 to help the masses of middle income and wealthy clients that do not track this phenomenon of dollar destruction not only aware of the problem, but giving them the ability to convert a percentage of their net worth stored in dollars over to physical gold and silver.  Then take physical delivery once they have saved enough to justify a shipping charge.  This is a priority we have focused on since October of 2019.

Check out our listed Gold Buy Savings program under 'Services' to convert your US Dollars into physicially delivered Gold or Silver while you still can.

Data Reviewing
Project Management : Crystal Capital Consulting

Crystal Capital Consulting founder Timothy Crawford began ramping back up in early 2020 after 2 years of retirement and running a fishing team in Cocoa Beach Florida.  The onslaught of projects that hit all at once when he opened his doors back up for business begged for some project management, organization, time-lining, and a boutique database collection catered specifically to the Investment banking world.  

STL sourced the project management software, the AI Database that gleaned data from all incoming emails and contacts, as well as built templates for Capital Raises, Real Estate Development Projects and Custom projects in the PPE Medical Supply logistics domain.

With over 30 Capital Raises being taken on in 2020, managing timelines, contracts, setting meetings, capturing meeting notes and managing technical aspects of partner meetings were areas STL served our client as an independent contractor.

In addtion, we have taken multiple startup, early venture and seed round companies to CCC for funding and the array of other services offerered in their quiver of consulting services.

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