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Long Term Care solutions!



Stuart Long, of STL Professional Services International, LLC talks about cutting edge solutions!



Most Americans will have to go bankrupt to get Medicaid.  

Most don't want to do that.

If you'd like to grow old in your home, instead of an assisted living facility, you are known as one who prefers to, 'Age in Place', and you can have a benefit that pays for nurses to come to your home to take care of you.


Today we will look at the industry leader, and ONLY insurance company allowing a lump sum annuity to have a 2% compounding LTC benefit on it.


Your money can grow, with the best protections that exist, inside the insurance laws that require the insurance company to keep 87.5% of the deposited money THERE, and not loan out 95% of it like the local bank where your money is sitting.  The bank may tout FDIC insurance, but rumor is they don't have ANY money, and are printing it at the Federal Government at a breakneck speed with his bankrupting the US Dollar faster than the famous story of Zimbabwe's overprinting that devastated their currency stright into worthlessness.   People had to take $1,000,000 Zimbabwe dollars to get a loaf of bread before the currency became totally worthless.  But I digress.


This video is about a cutting edge soltuion to the problem of people getting increases on their policies, or not even having any Long Term Care policies at all! 





With an aging baby boomer population getting well into their 70’s, and a low percentage of the population having long term care, different states, like the state of Washington, who has teed up legislation to make LTC a MANDATORY PAYROLL CHARGE TO ALL EMPLOYEES on your paycheck.  


Industry data crunchers recorded sales of Long Term Care Private policies when individuals faced the deadline to, ‘Prove you have private policy by this date, or you will have it chosen for you and deducted from your paycheck each payroll’.   More sales occurred in 1 year, that non the prior 3 years all together for many carriers that are mainstream solutions to the problem




Only one Insurance company has come forward with a solution to let your either pay by lump sum one time, or offer use a Flexible Pay option, into an annuity with:


  1. FIRST OF IT’S KIND: The first LTC benefit rider, 

  2. ACTUAL BENEFIT: not just an ‘income doubler’ to the lifetime income rider like AVIVA used to offer, 

  3. AGE IN PLACE MONEY: actually is a real LTC BENEFIT that you can use to AGE IN PLACE; in your favorite chair; in your house; not in some smelly  facility.

  4. EASY SIGNUP: t’s actually ALL DIGITAL QUOTING and ON-BOARDING right from this screen with your insurance agent at STL Professional Services International, LLC

  5. 2% GROWTH COMPOUNDER: The LTC benefit will increase at 2% per year compounding for up to 20years.

  6. HELPING  THOSE WITHOUT FINANCIAL DECISION MAKING TRAINING: For men or women with all their money  sitting in check or savings accounts, like the typical thing we see with widows, never who have never had much money or learned investments due to that generation having their husbands manage the money.  We see 1 out of 10 cases of a female widow risking  $100,000 in a bank risky checking account making 0% instead of the safer protections of an insurance company legal standard of 80% more literally keep in their account for spontaneous withdrawals.  A simple transfer to, or rollover into one of these accounts, allows them to Put their money somewhere safer, Make better interest and Build a Permanent Long Term Care benefit, that goes up at the 2% compounding for the next 20 years, or until it is needed



with us here to get your policy setup or your questions answered:


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