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Web Services

Are you showing up on page one of Google organically?


You know what you're offering. You have it together.  You just need to let the world know where they can find what you are making available to solve the problem your product or service answers.

You'll need to do a little homework or have us do it for you.

Do you know the right questions to be asking?

Do you know what you should be researching?

Do you know how to determine if you have the budget to even make a mark in the niche you are targeting?

What is your plan of attack?

What is your marketing strategy?

How will you retarget a visitor to your site that comes and leaves in 10 seconds?

How will you get their email when they arrive?

Where will you store that email?

What will you offer them?

When will you send your newsletter?  How often?

How will you take payments?

What is your website attrition?

How do you fix it?

Let's Get Started

Step 1:  
Pre-Screen Meeting

(culture match? budget? coachable?)

Step 2:  
Meeting 1: Blueprint: Research


Step 3:  
Meeting 2: BluePrint Results 

(niche, avatar, market, strategy)

Step 4:  
Custom Proposal Meeting / Acceptance  

(50% to start)

Step 5:  
Buildout Begins

(Multiple build teams work simultaneously)

Step 6:  
Proof Meeting / Changes / Final Approval

Step 7:  
Launch Complimentary Marketing Strategies

Step 8:
Begin Annual Ongoing Marketing Relationship Live


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