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ERC: New Referral Agent Training


‘Become a new referral agent” 


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  • Here is the info about ERC (employee retention credits) for business owners.  If the company with gets $100,00, you make 4% or $4000.  If they get $1,000,000, you make 4% or $40,000!

  • For today, just WATCH this video 3 times, to get your head around this: VIDEO & COMP: 

  • I will get you a link to sign up if it interests you. 


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  • Thanks for your interest!  I am glad you want to get started!

    ​Here is the link to get onboarded, it is FREE TO BECOME AN AGENT!


  • My understanding is:

  • 97% of businesses qualify for this.

  • 73% have not even applied.

  • 100% of restaurants and car dealers have been approved.

  • Nick has a guy on his team who just referred 1300 W-2 employees in his first 30 days.  

  • Pretty big money.

  • You make 4% off amount found for each business

  • $1,000,000 x .04= $40,000

  • Welcome aboard.



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  • TAKE & COMPLETE TRAINING MODULES 1-4 to be released to start selling!


  • ERC TRAINING (and Tests to Qualify as "Manager" and get Certified)


  • ERC TRAINING (and Tests to Qualify as "Manager" and get Certified)

  • This is Super Important!!  But only if you care about your financial future. ;-)

  • The Employee Retention Credit Sales Professional Training! Access training modules here:


  • (You may need to use "Chrome" browser if you can't get in)



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What are the actual deadlines for filing an ERC claim?

There are only two deadlines: For all quarters in 2020:


1  THE DEADLINE to APPLY for the ERC is April 15, 2024.

2.  THE DEADLINE  for all quarters in 2021, is April 15, 2025



Hedge Fund Fast Advance

Sales Tracker

Sales Training In the Field

Project 100:
1.  Get a piece of printer paper.
2. List every business you know, your mom knows, your dad knows, your sister knows.
3. Call and set an appointment to go talk to them for 15 minutes, or do a with for a zoom 'right now' if you can.

Practice your Pitch.
Do you believe yourself?
-Sell yourself in the mirror.  
Do you impress yourself?
Get there. Now you're ready.

-What did you miss?
-Do it again. Take 2!
-Repeat until you are smooth.

Hit the Streets
-1hour: You're going to knock business doors for 1 hour   
-Your goal is to get the client to let you sign them up for the CALL FROM JORNS CPA FIRM.
1  It's my job to let you know about this money,
2. Then, get you into the system with our app.
3. Send you our agreement to go to work for you that you can sign on your phone.
4. Help you submit the 100% refundable deposit to get us to work of $2600.
5. Then Jorns CPA will reach out to you to get the paperwork they need so they can file after about a month's worth of work they do up front for you at no cost!

Building sizes: Do they have 10 employees in there?
-If it's a big enough building to hold 5-10 employees, they probably have 3 shifts or 30 people on payroll!

-Go with someone to watch 2 times, then step out and do it yourself!
-Expect to screw up. Don't worry; they have NO IDEA what you were supposed to say.
-Plan on, "getting the bugs out", today. No worries.
-You will land your first deal today! Say it out loud!  I will land my first deal today!

The Flow:
-walk up.  Look at everything on the building as you walk, getting the name of the owner off the building or signage.
-walk in and make a friendly face at the receptionist, and say, a confident, hearty, "Hello!"
-He or she will say, 'What can I do for you" or 'Are you here to see the doctor?
-You don't hesitate, and start in strong with your pitch, and ask to see the business owner, or director if it's a church or charity.

The Script:
"Hi, I work with a business advisor.

We have partnered with the top CPA firm to help businesses file & get their Treasury Checks mailed to them for their portion of of the $1,3 Trillion that Congress printed for the CARES ACT update.  It's called ERC: Employee Retention Credit!  Is the business owner here I can talk to?

DID YOU KNOW that your business likely qualifies for up to $26,000 per w-2'd employee?  How many W-2'd employees do you have here? 10? 50? 100? (Get em talking)

"Our CPA team has gotten over 7000 business owners an average of $21,000 per employee, and we are finding that even if their CPA already filed for it, that the FREE 2ND LOOK PROGRAM we offer, finds DOUBLE THE AMOUNT THEY GOT, since the CPA firm does not have access to our $500,000 software program.  Our results show they are missing 2/3rds of the money they could have gotten you!!!!

They don't use real CPA's, but outsource to simply bookkeepers that don't do this for a focus, with software that never misses anything, like JORN's CPA has.   We are finding that 73% of business owners never found out, much less ever filed for it.


1. Play the 5 minute Video for the Business Owner

2. Enter their name, business, phone, state, email address


4.  When the next screen pops up, say, "Great. You're in the system, now let's e-sign their get started agreement that says you agree to let them go to work for you and you agree to pay them 20% of the checks that arrive to you in about 3 months from filing for you.

5.  Ok, check your email for the link to sign.

6.  Great, get that signed real quick and it will send you a copy to read when you're done for your records.  

7. You are agreeing to get the all the taxes and payroll docs they need to do the work,

8. Great, now you are ready to pay the 100% REFUNDABLE deposit to get them started.

9. The invoice pops up after you sign and finish the agreement.

10. Great. There it is.  Just enter your credit card, and we have gotten you prepared for your call from JORNS!

11.  I will email you the list of questions to ask your CPA, if they have already done your ERC, and most clients are surprised that their CPA doesn't often know the answers, so be nice to them, but don't let them talk you out of not re-filing, as they always want to be the experts and will sound like they know everything until you ask these EXACT questions of them.

12. Thanks for partnering with us and call with any questions! 

13. JORNS CPA will be reaching out to your within 3 days!

WATCH/listen to the below AUDIO READING OF THE 'ENGAGEMENT LETTER' so you can be confident in telling them what it is generally about.

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