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Video: (0:30) Sharing The Credit:

“Why pay a bank?” 

Dear Business Owner


What's more important to you?

  • A.  I want to fatten the bottom line of my business's net income.

  • B.  I want to give more to charities I support.

  • C.  I would like to do BOTH!



Now YOU can be the catalyst to bless your favorite CHARITY!


with our rate review team 

U.S. Only

We work with the Meridian Foundation's 'Sharing the Credit' program to create what we call, 'Perpetual Budget Funding' (TM) via our 'Found Money Consulting' that finds savings for the business and allows the business to send zero-cost repeating monthly donation checks to the charity of their choice.













Most Business Owners don’t realize how much this seemingly insignificant "cost of doing business" is actually costing them… 💸


Every day, quietly eroding their profits…


And stealing thousands of dollars of their hard-earned money.


What is it?


💳 Card Processing Fees 💳


Every time someone pays with plastic, we have to pay a transaction fee.


There's no way around that...


But most card processing companies have a dirty little secret... 🤫


You see, the amount a business pays in processing fees varies greatly based on many factors...


But most processing companies charge FAR MORE than the business should be paying and pocket the difference… 💸


It's called a "blended rate" and it only benefits one party...


Themselves! 😤


Now, what may seem like an insignificant amount at first, just a few pennies on the dollar, soon starts to add up...


And before they know it, these transaction fees are eating a significant portion into that business' bottom line… 📉


Into profits they worked so hard to earn!


We created Sharing The Credit to be RADICALLY different…


Not only does our proprietary method of Rate Compression Calculation find the absolute LOWEST rate for every single card transaction…


We also donate a portion of what is paid to a charity the business believes in… 💌


Meaning business owners can...


✅ Keep Considerably More of Their Profits

✅ Give Back to Charity (For Free!)

✅ Make Their Customers Feel GREAT About Spending Money With Them


The process of switching over is incredibly quick and simple...


So simple in fact, most teams don't even notice anything’s changed!


Meaning switching over to Sharing The Credit might just be the laziest way for business owners to save thousands of dollars this year…


But don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone 🤫


To find out if you qualify to join the businesses all across America who are saving money whilst giving back to charity for Free...



with our rate review team 


U.S. Only


And we’ll show you how much you could be saving!



Doing Good Is Good Business.


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