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BUSINESS FUNDING: MCA's up to $300k in 24hrs

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Business Funding in 24hrs: up to $300,000.

For those businesses that desperately, "Need cash RIGHT NOW!"

Turned down for a bank loan?

SBA loan taking forever and ever?

Need funds within 24 to 48 hours or else your business is going to be permanently affected?

This is not cheap money, but if you need money and you need it right now we can help!

Merchant cash advances will get you the money, within a day or two, deposited into your checking account, to do what you need to do.

They’re going to buy your future to buy deposits in the contract.


(We are currently seeing $300,000 as the top if you have 740 credit and above, but there is no top and limit based on your last three months worth of deposits that you can prove with actual bank statements that match the name on the application exactly.)

Assuming these stips are met:

1. Minimum monthly bank deposit $5000+

2. Minimum advance $5000

3. Maximum negative days = 5

4. Maximum NSF’s= 5

5. Minimum credit score of 500

6. Program length up to 12 months

7. Business Bank statements: Most recent three months only

8. Restricted industries: Financial institutions, auto sales, attorneys, transportation

A. Offers up to 125% of your last 3 months processing volume;

(Min Credit= Score 740+)

B. Offers up to 80-100% of your last 3 months processing volume;

(Min Credit= Score 650+)


  1. DOWNLOAD this application. Fill it in completely. Then scan it to and call us with any questions you have at 866-878-5774.

app STLPSI Merchant Application STLPSI -
Download • 678KB

2. Include your Business Banking Statements for the last 3 months (all pages on each month.)

3. We will acknowledge receipt of your email, then submit for a 24 hour turnaround, and let you know when you have an offer, or any clarification questions the underwriter has for you.

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