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CEO SAVES COMPANY $8,000,000/yr

Our value proposition is simple.

CEOs with 1000-20000 employees can use our consulting to Business Optimize their bottom line.

Your company keeps 90% of savings we reveal upon signed agreement and a retainer 1/3 of the amount your company wants to save in the 1st year, with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Year 2 and beyond, we profit share 10% ongoing as you save the 90% annually.

Then we usually start with Strategy 1 that dumps cash back into the business within 30-90 days, and bumps employee take-home pay by ~$5200/yr each for added value

Strategy 1 is where you:

“Save $800/yr x # of w2 ee’s”

10000 ee’s x $800= $8,000,000/yr



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