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Immersion Cooling is the Future. The Future in Now.

Updated: Apr 1, 2021


When movies like the Matrix blew our minds in the 1990's, visions of warehouses stacked with servers to the ceilings in endless rows were an unavoidable part of the movie. To get a glimpse into this private new industry of data center architecture was breathtaking, other-worldly and queued up flashbacks of the the Terminator movies and made you wonder what the future would look like.

Now we are all to used to these warehouses filled with stacks. But, "Know ye not, ye are staring back at the Jurrassic Park of Data Centers?"


No longer do 100,000 sqft warehouses need to be leased to do the same amount of computing that can be done in 10% of the space. "Computing Density" has boiled down to 1/10th or "a tenth" of the space and often about the same need for the amount of electricity needed. Now, with 3M's 'Novec' dielectric solution, in a refrigerator-sized tank, filled with green motherboards, bubbling off the heat at about 120 degrees, the overclocked motherboards, whether ASICs or GPUs, can do the same amount of computing as a full 100,000 sqft warehouse or 'server farm'.


Early adopters were Bitcoin miners, fighting for the as many block rewards as possible before each of the impending, 'Halvings'. Akin to the Full Moon for a vampire, every time a Halving would occur, in it's algorithm-coded mandate of 4 years, the, 'block reward' would drop from 50, to 25, to it's current 12.5, to 6.25 now in 2021.


With only 21,000,000 BTC ever to ever be minted, whoever controls these coins will control the 'people's money', as it is called on the street. Now in 2021, with the US Government finally adopting cryptocurrency for the masses, and planning it's own release of the rumored, 'Fedcoin", bitcoin prices are rising. With about 19,000,000 of the 21,000,000 Bitcoins having already been, 'minted', and released as, 'block rewards', to 'ASIC miners', the race for the final 2,000,000 is on.


When the images below here were created for the debut of the 3M's "super-computer in a box", BTC price was only 7900, and the miners to fill them were much less. Even so, today, at BTC 30,000 as an average price, you can see that ONE TANK costing $600,000 then, and now $650,000 will spin off about $100,000 per month gross income in BTC. If you're break even is then about 6 months, you're in the green month 7 or 8, depending on your electricity cost, which is minimal. Find a HydroDam in Canada if you can; they must keep 10% of created power available to sell. Will it be you?


Buying a container with 3 tanks in it, would boost your monthly BTC creation to about $300,000/mo for an upfront cost of $1.8M to get your build started. With so much BTC left to be mined, why would you stick with server racks, when you can literally drive your mine to the cheapest electricity you can find?


We sell these Immersion Cooling Servers ready to go with whatever you want in them. AI. Deep Learning. ASICs. GPUs. As a sales representative for the leading company tapped by 3M to fabricate these, for those mining Bitcoin, and every datacenter in the world needing to avoid getting 'disrupted', these Mobile Containers used for DataCenter instant expansion, Emergency Response and for Command Centers for base operations anywhere they need to be. You might want the freedom of being mobile. Buyt if you're a CTO, you're going to want the answers to these questions when you begin to have your head around this new model. Here's your starting point:

Immersion vs FanCooled


SPACE: “90% savings on space”

Immersion cooling uses 10% of the space, saving 90% of the space you're currently using for growth. If you’re at max capacity in your current space, converting that space will allow you do the same amount of computing in 10% of the space. Leaving 90% for scalability without the disrupt that is happening by the power-sucking new servers coming out.

ASK YOURSELF: What if we could increase your 'computing density' by 10x ?

POWER USAGE: “90% savings on power”

Immersion cooling uses 10% of the power typically used, saving up to 90% of power expense and usage, which can be allocated in your business model to more

computing density.

ASK YOURSELF: What if we could get more COLO rentals out of your existing power allotment coming to your location?

COST TO BUILD: “33% less expensive”

Cost is generally measured “per megawatt”, in this industry. Cost per megawatt for air cooled is typically $12 million per megawatt. Cost to build for immersion cooled is $8 million per megawatt. (Savings to build from scratch is typically 33%).

ASK YOURSELF: What if all our new locations could be built for 33% less than competitors?


Novec“, by 3M

The reason 3M's liquid comes in our sealed containers is because it starts to evaporates when you open the lid to do maintenance. There is no cost whatsoever to dispose of the liquid since it's simply evaporates in one day if you leave the top open.


Let us know if you'd like to schedule a call to get your DataCenter Upgraded to the Future, or buy a few of these containers as a bolt-on to instantly scale the maxed out capacity you're already running. Just let us know how many Megawatts you have available and we'll tell you how much computing you can add on. Drop a cement pad. Order your tank. Get in the line behind every hyperscaler that already is making the change, and you may not be left in the dust and bankrupted by the new model. The line grows. Let's get your order in yesterday!

Schedule a meeting:


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