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Answer these questions:

1. Have you ever UPDATED YOUR HOURLY PAY-RATES to compete with current competitors?

2. Do you understand these workers can SEARCH AND SORT ONLINE for the highest pay-rate and make more from sitting at home posting to social media at $25/hr and never have to get dressed for work?

3. What #SIGNONBONUS are you offering that these workers can compare to the others? Don't wanna do a sign on bonus? How long are you prepared to go WITHOUT WORKERS????? (An old pirate once said: "The beatings will continue until moral improves".

4. Who is #POSTINGTOINSTAGRAMEVERYDAY for your business?

5. WHERE IS YOUR JOB LISTED for workers to search and find it?

6. Have you updated your prices for your DIFFERENTIATION VALUE or are you just dropping your prices to compete with other price droppers until both of you go out of business? What can you do to DIFFERENTIATE WHY YOU ARE CHARGING TOP OF MARKET?

If you don't have a self-appointed coach and business consultant to hold you accountable to your own goals, don't worry, 99% of entrepreneurs don't.

We can solve that problem together. Reach out when you're ready.

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