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OVERCOMING OBJECTIONS: "ERC: A CPA cannot charge a contingency fee to help a business file."

FORBES reports that the goverment anticipates 70% to 80% of your business clients will qualify for the $1,300,000,000,000 Employee Retention Credit recovery funds still sitting in the US Treasury. Let's help them get their funds into their account. See Article here.

Will your firm successfully recover $21,000 per W2 with your process or will you net only the typical $8000 per W2 employee because of your lack of access to JORNS proprietary, hand coded software. This software is the difference, and not for sale. IT has proven to be the separating factor and key to attaining business clients $21,000 as an average recovery per W2. This is well documented, after having filed and completed over 7000 ERC filings, each signed off by 2 CPA's. (Pleas see the bottom of this article for links to team up, earn more and outsource this burden)

The Internal Revenue Service decided not to appeal a district court case that ruled that the agency doesn’t have the authority to regulate return preparers’ contingent fee arrangements for refund claims.

The case, Ridgely v. Lew, 7/17/2014, was decided by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on a motion for summary judgment brought by CPA Gerald Lee Ridgely, Jr., executive vice president and vice chairman of global tax preparation firm Ryan.

The ruling invalidated and permanently enjoined the IRS from enforcing Circular 230 restrictions generally prohibiting attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents from entering into contingent fee arrangements for ordinary refund claims and amended returns. As a result, the decision is now final.

According to the AICPA a CPA is able to charge the fee for an amended return if the member can demonstrate a reasonable expectation of “substantive consideration” by a taxing authority. All amended 941-X forms have the expectation of substantive consideration by the IRS.

Podcast is around 12 minutes:

Also, the 941-X amended filing does not constitute "practicing" before the IRS.

Some additional information from the AICPA is copied below.

Disclosure of permitted commissions. A member in public practice who is not prohibited by this rule from performing services for or receiving a commission and who is paid or expects to be paid a commission shall disclose that fact to any person or entity to whom the member recommends or refers a product or service to which the commission relates. .04 Referral fees. Any member who accepts a referral fee for recommending or referring any service of a CPA to any person or entity or who pays a referral fee to obtain a client shall disclose such acceptance or payment to the client. [Prior reference: paragraph .01 of ET section 503]'s-cpa/novdec/aicpa-revised-code-of-professional-conduct.pdf?sfvrsn=dcd7e0b1_2#:~:text=In%20general%2C%20a%20CPA%20can,received%20upon%20completing%20the%20service.

Commissions and Referral Fees While not under the independence rules, the subject of commissions and referral fees still forms much concern for CPA attesters. In general, a CPA can receive commissions for referring products or services; a CPA can also accept a referral fee for recommending or referring a CPA to any person or entity or pay a referral fee to obtain a client.

Your firm can now OUTSOURCE ALL ERC CASES and typically net $840 per w-2'd employee, transferring the risk onto JORNS CPA, whose $500,000 piece of proprietary software will make sure your clients don't miss any of the complicated crediting system line items that allow for partial recovery.


1. You will simply onboard each client with this short 5 minute video and then

2. enter their basic data, then

3. have them sign the pop-up e-sign agreement

4. Then pay a small downpayment to get the ball rolling.

5. This downpayment is fully refundable, and supports your 20% advance on your firm's 4% commission of the total recovery amount that usually arrives within 21 weeks. This deposit helps to pay your firm upon the JORNS CPA, "date of filing" for your client, which can be as fast as 10 days, or take as long as 9 months. Do you really want to pay for all those man hours in your own office and retain all the risk of audit? Will you offer 5 year Audit support like JORNS CPA and a $1m E&O policy?

Here's the short, brief and powerful landing page with a 5 minute video that covers everything the client needs to know; Really! Just sit the client down at their computer. Send them your firm's zoom link. Then email them our landing page link to open while you watch for guidance. Have them play the 5 minute video on their computer while you zoom with them. Guide them to enter their name and email. Then they sign and pay. Now you will upload their taxes to JORNS CPA who will reach out to them for CPA contact info within 72 hours. You will be provided your own landing page coded to your firm at no cost when you sign up and complete your 5 Training Modules (20 minutes each) as a JORNS ERC Referral Agent here .

If you are interested in outsourcing all your cases, an deferring liability, saving man hours, while earning 4% of their total recovery on every case, please schedule a meeting for more information here, and make sure to read this , "Why your CPA is NOT qualified to do your ERC due to their lack of ability to quantify PAYROLL and perform accurate DATA MINING", before the call or zoom.

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