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FOUND MONEY Consulting Service

We will reveal WKSS to save you 300% of what you pay in a retainer, or your money back!

  • 1 hour
  • Zoom Call

Service Description

If we can save you money, that you're already spending regularly, or find you money you have already written a check to the IRS for, and recover it back to your checking account, would you be interested in finding out how much? What if some of that money would continue coming in every single year you remain in business to pad your gross revenues and increase your recurring revenue position, the key thing to increasing your business valuation? MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS OF BUSINESS: -For Profit Business or NonProfit -Has Filed taxes all of last 3 years -Has 5-20,000 w-2'd employees -Performs some custom service in some way for clients -You actually and truly care for your employee base and want what's best for them versus seeing them as a simple tool to exploit for building the wealth of your company. If you're a for-profit business, with at least 10 to 20,000 employees and you have paid taxes each year, and are grossing at least $2M to $20M, we will usually will find from $50,000 to $700,000 in the next 60 days for your business. The annual amount we find you usually continues to come in every year. Our 'Fresh Eyes Found Money' program brings in a fresh set of eyes with unique perspectives into what other companies are doing to recover last taxes, find tax credits, and increase net profit and recover up to 50% of the taxes you have already paid for the last 3 years back for you in a retro-filing, and invite you to stay a client. NEXT STEP: Engage us for at least the $4999.99/mo program and the 1/3 of the amount we can save your in year 1, and the first thing we'll do is connect you to our resources to find the money you spent to engage our services. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: "You keep 90, we'll share in 10" When our resource teams make or save money, it becomes a foundational change that occurs every year going forward in most cases outside of the one time grant acquisition filing services. We will profit-share in 10% of savings created and/or the Annual EBITDA increase as long as you are using our strategies so we can both cashflow better in our businesses together. This consulting relationship keeps us always on the lookout for you to find more savings that you keep the lion's share of. In other words when our efforts make or save you money, add extra benefit pay to your employee base or benefit in a quantifiable monetary way that can be measured, you share 10% of that vavlue with us and the rest is yours to keep.

Cancellation Policy

All appointments not cancelled 24 hrs ahead of time will no be refunded as we will have missed the opportunity to serve others in that time slot.

Contact Details


By appointment only; Most appointments are via call or Zoom or Local Spots 6724 Perimeter Loop Road, Dublin, OH, USA

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