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We show you how to make the govt fund your TFRP with at least $50k/yr.

  • 30 minutes
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Service Description

If we can save you money you're already spending regularly, or find you money you have already written a check to the IRS for, would you be interested in finding out how much? What if some of that money would continue coming in every single year you remain in business to pad your gross revenues? MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS OF BUSINESS: -For Profit Business -Has Filed taxes all of last 3 years -Has 10-100 employees -Performs some custom service in some way for clients. If you're a for-profit business, with at least 10 to 100 employees and you have paid taxes each year, and are grossing at least $1M to $20M, we will usually will find from $50,000 to $700,000 in the next 60 days for your business. The annual amount we find you usually continues to come in every year. Our 'Fresh Eyes Found Money' program brings in a fresh set of eyes with unique perspectives into what other companies are doing to recover last taxes, find tax credits, and increase net profit and recover up to 50% of the taxes you have already paid for the last 3 years back for you in a retro-filing, and invite you to stay a client. NEXT STEP: Engage us for at least the $4999.99/mo program and the first thing we'll do is connect you to our resources to find the money you spent to engage our services. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: "10 for 10" When our teams make or save money, it becomes a foundational change that occurs every year going forward. We will profit-share in 10% of savings created and/or the Annual EBITDA increase for 10 years. In other words when our efforts make or save you money, you cut us 10% of it and the rest is yours to keep. We will not only recover this money, but in addition, you are agreeing to let us use net funds to you to fund a tax free retirement plan that will set you up to: 1. Function as, 'Your Own Bank' 2. Be able to be approved for loans from the value at any time without a bank approval process 3. Grow your savings with tax-deferred compounding interest you never pay tax on 4. Leave a tax-free inheritance to your targeted legacy plan targets and beloved beneficiaries 5. Establish a Long Term Care fund from which you can access should you ever need rehabilitation or private care in a nursing home. You agree to engage you for the purposes of finding this money, and commit to allocating the full net amount of the annual check you receive to the TFRP (tax free retirement plan) we will establish for you with the found money.

Cancellation Policy

All appointments not cancelled 24 hrs ahead of time will no be refunded as we will have missed the opportunity to serve others in that time slot.

Contact Details


By appointment only; Most appointments are via call or Zoom or Local Spots 6724 Perimeter Loop Road, Dublin, OH, USA

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